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Dealing with Stress and Anxiety? – Learn which Natural Substances will Relax and Calm You Instantly

Feeling the effects of stress and anxiety? Let’s face it, we are a stressed-out society. And our habits of overwork, not enough sleep, too much

The Meaning of Colors Behind Vegetables & Fruits

We all know that vegetables and fruits come in different colors and each of these colors is a result of certain phytonutrients and antioxidants. The

15 Tips for Healthy Sleep

You should wake up refreshed in the morning without the use of an alarm clock and feel energetic all day. If not you may find some good tips

20 Foods to Naturally Detox Radiation

When disaster strikes, many rush out and buy what they hope is the saving grace without exactly knowing its proper use or why they are buying it. We

Want Strong Bones? Eat More Greens!

A new study funded in part by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) suggests that an alkalizing diet may be an important key to reducing bone

Give Your Immune System a Boost using Herbals and Nature Remedies

Sixty-five years ago medical scientists promised us that infections caused by bacteria and others would be a thing of the past due to the new


Here are the Reasons to Eat Organic Avoids pesticides The best way of reducing your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides is to eat organically

Love Your Liver & Add Years to Your Life

Love Your Liver & Add Years to Your Life Plus: 15 Tips To Keep Your Liver Healthy People who have struggled for years with excessive weight

The Miracle of Magnesium

The Miracle of Magnesium… The most powerful relaxation mineral and natural tranquilizer Magnesium is the most versatile mineral in your body and is

Energize Yourself with Enzymes – The Spark of Life!

Did you know that the quality of your health is determined by the level of optimum digestion and absorption of the foods you eat and that your

Juicing Vegetables Feeds The Friendly Bacteria Strengthens Immunity

Did You Know That Juicing Vegetables Feeds The Friendly Bacteria In The Gut and Strengthens Immunity  Between 80-90% of the immune system is

Juicing Benefits

3 Amazing  Ways Juicing Vegetables & Fruits Benefits Your Health and Longevity The benefits of juice detoxing are wide-ranging and many. Here