20 Foods to Naturally Detox Radiation

When disaster strikes, many rush out and buy what they hope is the saving grace without exactly knowing its proper use or why they are buying it. We often don’t think of something like radiation exposure until there is a looming threat. But, there are steps we can take all along to minimize and reverse damage from the many forms of radiation we encounter every day. 

The following are some simple food choices that can help your body combat radiation exposure on a regular basis. Some of them aid your body in sweeping out toxins, while others are nutrient-dense in vital minerals. If you’d rather not memorize or print the list, then strive to add more raw, living  foods and dark leafy vegetables to your routine, but there are even more useful choices below. You can also go to a website like All Recipes and type some of the ingredients. The site will create a recipe that contains those ingredients. 

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With radioactive isotopes detected in rainwater in Minnesota and other states, some people are looking into iodine supplements and other ways to protect the long-term health of their families. 

While there are a lot of drawbacks to using iodine, there are plenty of foods that naturally protect our bodies from radiation. 

Here are 20 of the best foods to detox radiation:

  1. Brown rice 
  2. Seaweed 
  3. Kelp 
  4. Miso 
  5. Pumpkin 
  6. Spirulina 
  7. Bee pollen 
  8. Wheat grass 
  9. Rosemary 
  10. Blue-green algae 
  11. Beets 
  12. Garlic
  13. Ginger 
  14. Alfalfa sprouts 
  15. Broccoli 
  16. Onions 
  17. Olive oil 
  18. Leafy greens 
  19. Apples and other sources of pectin 
  20. Berries (are loaded with antioxidants and detoxifying agents) 

These foods protect the body from radiation in different ways. For instance, brown rice is high in fiber and phosphorous, which help remove harmful toxins from the body.  Sea vegetables contain a polysaccharide that binds to radioactive strontium to help eliminate it from the body, as well as being high in natural iodine.  Pectin has also been shown to bind to radioactive residues, and Cysteine (in onions) binds with and deactivates radioactive isotopes.  Alfalfa sprouts and greens are high in chlorophyll, which has been shown to help protect against radiation damage, as well. Keep in mind that you should aim for organic and be aware of the sources. For example, fresh sprouted alfalfa sprouts from your windowsill are preferable to those shipped from thousands of miles away (and possibly doused with those isotopes). 



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