Do You Need To Detox & Cleanse?

Why Detoxification Is Important

Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever in the water we drink, the air we breathe, and food we eat. Over the years toxins can build up in fat tissue, joints, the brain and other body parts leading to a multitude of health issues. Lifestyle stress and anxiety also directly affects our toxicity levels by releasing stress hormones which must be detoxified by the body. Negative emotions also produce chemicals within the body that effect overall health. Research shows that over 167 synthetic chemicals and carcinogens (cancer causing agents) are now found in the average human body.  


How Can I Tell If I’m Toxic? Signs And Symptoms 

Neurological signs and symptoms include: Headaches, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, learning disorders, Parkinson’s disease. 

Digestive system signs and symptoms include: IBS, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, food sensitivities and intolerances, ulcers, leaky gut, low immunity. 

Endocrine signs and symptoms include: cancer, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal/ stress, Fertility Problems, Abnormal pregnancy outcomes. 

Musculoskeletal signs include: Joint pain/ chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle weakness. 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity signs and symptoms include: Increasing sensitivity to external exposures: odors, medications, etc. allergies, immune dysfunction. 


What Are The Benefits Of A Good Detoxification Program?

Besides overall better health, people can experience clearer thinking and improved memory function, increased stamina and energy levels, better mood, improved digestive system, more restful night’s sleep, reduction of pain or chronic symptoms, clearer complexion and younger looking skin, and loss of excess weight.  

Ninety four percent of toxins are fat soluble. Therefore, difficulties with weight loss may be due to an overburden of toxins in the body. To compensate, the human body utilizes fat for a place to store excess toxins, thereby making it very difficult to shed excess pounds.  If you are serious about losing weight, or simply giving your body a fine tune-up to increase energy, stamina, mental clarity, metabolism, and more, then a good detox and cleansing program needs to be at the top of your priority list.  

Have you vowed to be healthier? A detoxification program can get you going in the right direction. As you may have gleaned from the survey, just about everybody benefits from detoxing. Even those who live a relatively healthy life-style still have toxins. Due to old and often poor nutritional habits, environmental pollutants, the stresses and strains of life situations, most of us suffer from toxic deposits throughout the body. With the elimination of these toxins, remarkable and sometimes incredible changes can and have occurred. 

Over time, with reduction and removal of toxins everything simply starts to work better — from your joints and muscles, to your immune system. Your skin will glow, and people will remark that you look younger and healthier. And there’s a good chance your doctor will notice a difference too at your next check-up.  Even if you feel relatively healthy, a juicing detox is a wonderful preventative measure against aging and possible future ill-health.  


Do You Need to Detox & Cleanse? 


Take This Self-Assessment Quiz! 

Evaluate your toxic burden in your body that may be leading to poor health, weight gain, and sickness. 

Read each question and give yourself 1 point for every “yes” answer: 

  • Do you eat non-organic produce, dairy, or  meat products? 
  • Do you consume GMO’s / Genetically Modified Foods? 
  • Do you eat meat, fish, and dairy products? 
  • Is red meat on your plate more than once per week? 
  • Do you crave sweets, bread, pasta, white potatoes, or white rice? 
  • Do you experience food cravings? 
  • Are you carrying excess weight that despite dieting you have difficulty losing? 
  • Do you suffer with bloating, indigestion, or frequent gas after eating? 
  • Do you use artificial sweeteners or consume beverages that contain them? 
  • Do you drink caffeinated beverages, such as colas, soda or coffee? 
  • Do you consume processed foods (deli-meats, frozen dinners, canned foods, snack bars), or fast foods at least three times per week? 
  • Do you drink alcohol, more than 2 drinks per week? 
  • Do you drink less than 64 oz of filtered, clean water each day? 
  • Do you drink from plastic bottles? 
  • Do you smoke, or have previously smoked, or are exposed to smoke? 
  • Are you sensitive to smoke, chemicals, or fumes in the environment? 
  • Have you ever taken or still take birth control pills? 
  • Have you ever taken antibiotics, medications (prescription and OTC), or anti-depressants? 
  • Do you sleep less than 8 hours per day? 
  • Do you microwave your food? 
  • Do you have amalgam dental fillings? 
  • Have you applied pesticides in your house or on the lawn and garden? 
  • Do you sleep near a cell phone, TV, or have Wi-Fi  in your home? 
  • Are you confined for many hours each day to an office with little circulation? 
  • Is there a nuclear power plant near your home or office? 
  • Is the environment where you live and eat hectic and stressful rather than relaxed and nurturing? 
  • Do you get dry eyes or blurry vision? 
  • Do you frequently get headaches or migraines? 
  • Do you get skin rashes such as eczema, psoriasis, or acne? 
  • Do you have puffy eyes, or dark circles under your eyes? 
  • Do you sometimes notice you have bad breath, a coated tongue, or strong-smelling urine? 
  • Do you often feel anxious, nervous, or moody? 
  • Do you have less than one bowel movement per day and/or get constipated? 
  • Do you regularly wear clothes that are made from synthetic fibers or dry cleaned? 
  • Do you use commercial antiperspirants, toothpastes, and skin crèmes? 
  • Are your clothes washed in regular detergents? 
  • Do you rarely exercise? 
  • Do you stay indoors all day without taking a break to go outside? 
  • Do you get regular exposure to full spectrum light and sunshine? 
  • Do you use commercial cleaning products in your home? 
  • Do you get more than one cold  or the flu per year? 
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating or focusing? 



The higher your score, the greater the potential toxic burden you may be carrying and the more you may benefit from a detoxification and cleansing program. 


Score of 20 or higher:  You will significantly benefit from detoxifying your body, which could lead to reduction of symptoms, weight loss, and improved health and vitality. 


Score of between 5 and 19: You will likely benefit from a detoxification program for improved health and vitality. 


Score of 5 or less: You might actually be free of toxic overload in the body and living a very healthy, toxin-free life.  Well done and good for you! 


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