Nourish Your Body With All the Vital Nutrients it Needs for Optimum Health… All With A Glass of Juice!

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If you are ready to learn how to Dump Toxins that make Your Body’s Cells Fat, Sick and a Breeding Ground for Illness and Disease, then Read On…

Improve Yourself

  • Lose weight or kick-start a weight-loss program?
  • Eliminate drug residues? Or normalize after a hospital stay?
  • Remove toxins that may be causing health problems?
  • Prevent disease?
  • Or rest and rejuvenate your whole body?
  • Slow the aging process, and improve body flexibility?
  • Achieve glowing, radiant, healthy skin and complexion?
  • Effortlessly transition to a healthier diet that doesn’t feel like you’re dieting and is easy to maintain for life?

Heal Yourself

  • Are you tired of feeling congested from too much food or the wrong kinds of food?
  • Are you feeling fatigued and lethargic, as if you need a good spring-cleaning?
  • Are you having body aches and pains?
  • Are you having memory problems or foggy thinking?
  • Do you suffer from poor digestion, bloating, gas, cellulite, or constipation?
  • Have difficulty losing excess weight?
  • Experiencing skin problems, acne, blemishes, or lackluster skin?

Improve By

  • Learn How to Dump Toxins
  • Learn the Nutritional Value of Produce Ingredients
  • Learn Synergistic Ingredient Pairing
  • Get Over 100 recipes… to Keep it Interesting
  • Find out where to Get Your Protein
  • Learn about the Medicinal Value of Phytonutrients

Heal By

  • Learn the Basics of Juicing from a Pro
  • Learn Condition-Specific Ingredients
  • Understand the Cause of Acute and
  • Learn what Ingredients will Ease Inflammation Pain and Chronic Disease
  • Understand How Fiber Works
  • Learn How to Eliminate the Breeding Ground for Illness and Disease

Become a Juicing Pro

One of your Biggest Challenges to overcome in managing your food intake is an Overload of Conflicting Nutrition and Health Advice…(it’s Everywhere)!

Here’s the thing…you don’t feel100%, you know you are not eating right, you know something has to change or you are going to get sick, or perhaps you already are.

You may have read and heard of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and essential daily nutrient needs. You’ve been told to become a vegetarian, or a vegan, but wonder how you’ll get protein.

You’ve also been told to eat Organic, and not to eat GMO’s, but why? There is so much to consider and everyone has a diet to push. You ask, how do I make sense of it all, where do I start?

But what if you could do something so amazing, that goes directly to the core problems behind a multitude of health issues, like toxicity and nutritional deficiencies, and that spurs the renewal of your health… in as little as 3 days!

Sounds a little too good to be true, right!

That’s what I thought too when I started juicing. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to me when I started supplying my body with an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant phytonutrients on a daily basis by juicing fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

When I started juicing I never anticipated the enormous benefits I would receive and the long-term applications that I would be using juicing for throughout my life. At age 24 I was a gym junkie and a health fanatic, and I was looking for a way to get optimum nutrition into my body as expediently as possible to fuel my fast-paced, active lifestyle because I was living a life on the go.

I liked what I found in juicing and it became an amazing tool to use for combating everyday body upsets, colds, and flu’s, etc. As I got into my 40’s and a few sports injuries led me to be able to predict the weather, (the doctors diagnosed me with arthritis…thank you very much), so I turned to juicing to see how I could overcome it, and I did. Later, when I had a fibrous cyst diagnosed, I once again focused my juicing efforts towards eliminating that as well.

My body was finally being nourished, my cells were getting all the nutrients they needed, and I started to feel well. It was something so easy and simple to do and I had nothing to lose except a bunch of unwanted symptoms that were making my life miserable.

Fast Forward to Present Day…

Juicing has been an integral part of my life since the age of 24 (over 3 decades now), and my body has well and truly found its happy place. Perfect weight, no cellulite. Glowing, more radiant skin and clearer complexion. Normalized hormone levels, perfect blood pressure, balanced blood sugar and cholesterol, a revved up metabolism and outrageous energy, and a smooth-running, regular digestive system. And, best of all…no more rheumatism!

I have a clearer, sharper mind, boundless energy that lasts, no out-of-control food cravings, no trouble controlling my appetite, and after all this time, I’m still wearing the same clothing size. No calorie counting, pack-along snacks, or crazy eating required. This is easy nutrition for real life.

Another unanticipated personal result from juicing has been the enlightening affect of good nutrition to the point that I found myself so absorbed in using food as medicine that I was swept away into a whole new career. I pursued studies in holistic nutrition, naturopathic medicine, herbal medicine, sports nutrition, and the practical application of food and nutrition by being trained as a plant-based chef.

As you can see, juicing definitely works for me just as it has worked for millions of other people who also juice on a regular basis.

Success Stories…


Chef Doc Dee’s Step-by-Step Juicing Detox and Cleansing Program to Re-Ignite Your Metabolism, Clean Out Your Body Systems, and Get You Started on Better Eating Habits.

This will give you The #1 WIN that will put you on your path to outstanding health and optimum wellness…in just one weekend!

What could be easier than having rapid absorption of vital nutrients, harnessing of cellular energy, and getting all of your daily nutritional requirements… in a glass of juice?!

With this nutritional guidance system you’ll begin to see and feel results within just 3 days!


  • You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the many health benefits you can get from juicing vegetables and fruits
  • I will show you the art of combining healing ingredients for optimum results and to maximize health
  • Get 110 condition-specific juicing recipes to help you zero in on what ails you
  • Know what to eat leading up to a successful 3-day juicing detox and what to eat to transition back to solid foods so you can maintain and continue to improve your health results
  • You’ll discover the fundamentals of juicing and detoxing and how to equip yourself for success
  • Learn how to avoid common juicing mistakes so you can prep like a pro and juice like a champion
  • Benefit from my added free bonus that includes 64 deliciously nutritious healing plant-based recipes and my suggested 7-day meal plan to help you transition to a truly healthful diet to continue having powerful results

Imagine finding something so amazing that it will kick-start the transformation of your good health in just one weekend…all in a concentrated nutritional blast in a glass!

And within as little as 3 days, you’ll begin to see and feel results!

What type of results can you Expect?

People who do the Program all tend to share these main health benefits:

  • Have more energy and vitality
  • Improved digestive system function
  • Mental clarity and sharpness
  • Lose weight or kick-start it
  • Reduce inflammation, lose the bloat
  • Better sleep
  • Balance blood sugar and hormones
  • Better libido
  • Emotional stability and calmness, ability to handle stress better
  • A cleansed and detoxed body and mind
  • Clearer skin
  • Raise self confidence and self-image
  • An overall sense of physical, emotional, and mental well-being — every day!

Success Stories…

If what you’re doing isn’t working…Dare to Do Something Different!

So how does my 3-day juicing detox and cleansing program help you?

  • Floods your body with essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidant phytonutrients, which provides real energy
  • Provides a faster, more efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients naturally abundant in vegetables and fruits
  • Promotes healthy eating habits and a delicious way to consume fresh produce
  • Easily allows you to consume between 7-9 vegetables a day (the recommended daily allowance), which allows your body to get a wider range of vital nutrients
  • Provides a way to access digestive enzymes typically locked away in the fiber matrix of the whole vegetables and fruits
  • It feeds good bacteria to the gut
  • It helps detoxify and cleanse your body, including major organs such as liver, kidneys, and the colon
  • It helps lower high bad cholesterol and triglycerides
  • It helps fight cancer (think mega doses of antioxidant phytonutrients)
  • Improves your fitness and exercise capacity
  • Helps you stay hydrated
  • Opens the door to the possibility of a sustained healthier lifestyle
  • It’s the path to discovering your body’s happy place

And the Best Bit?

  • You are absorbing and assimilating all the vital nutrients and life force in the food
  • You are creating an alkaline environment for health and vitality
  • You are reducing the work load on the digestive system

Your body is amazingly intelligent and when you give it the right nutrients, co-factors, and a huge dose of self-love, it will naturally respond with healing and rejuvenation! In fact, that is your body’s only agenda — called homeostasis in medical terms — to maintain optimum health and balance, and this program is a powerful vehicle to help you achieve it.

Qualified Nutrition Support

Using plant-based foods and juicing as a style of eating has the potential to radically transform your health and happiness, like it has mine. But it requires some know-how, time, and expertise if you are to achieve amazing and lasting results.

As a naturopathic doctor, holistic nutritionist, and plant-based chef, I have done everything possible to provide you with a solid foundation for your journey to better health. I am confident that the information, recipes, and program that I’ve created here will empower you to switch to a style of eating that is simple, effective, and on the path to discovering your body’s happy place!

Discover the life-changing power behind juicing for the specific purpose of detoxing and cleansing your body systems from the inside out. You’ll find all you need for your success in this fun, effective, and stress-free 3-Day program I’ve created to help make life easier, simpler, and healthier for you.

Ready to Transform Your Body and Life Forever?

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Success Stories…

Here’s a Look at the Juicing Advantages & Goodness You’ll Find Inside Chef Doc Dee’s 3-Day Juicing Detox & Cleansing Program, and post detox 7-day eating plan:

Part 1:

  • A Guidance System Developed by a Leader in the Nutrition & Juicing Movement: It’s my goal to help you attain maximum results and achieve success every step of the way!
  • Juicing Secrets: All the juicing and detox know-how, tips, and strategies to rapidly transform your health and have you juicing like a champion.
  • The Ins and Outs of Juice Detoxing & Cleansing: You’ll learn exactly what to juice, when to juice, as well as the best juicers for your money.
  • The Art of Combining Healing Ingredients: How to create juice combinations that taste amazing and have your cells jumping for joy.
  • Juicing ingredients for More Than 50 Different Ailments: Including arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, colds, flu, colitis, cravings, depression, epilepsy and seizures, fibromyalgia, heart disease, insomnia, MS, ulcers, water retention, and more.
  • 21 chapters, 240 Pages, and Over 110 Condition-Specific Juicing Recipes: That empower your body + mind to help you achieve the state of health you’ve been searching for.
  • Post 3-Day Juicing Detox & Next Steps: How to transition back to eating solid foods again, what to eat for best results, guidelines, eating plans, and absolute essentials for advancing your success.

Part 2:

  • A Collection of 110 Condition-Specific Juicing Recipes: That meet all your daily nutritional needs and encourage your body to naturally achieve balance and optimum health!
  • 136 Pages & 12 Juicy Chapters of Healing Recipes & Health Categories: Choose from immune system support, digestive system and weight loss, anti-inflammatory, chronic aches & pains, Cancer and disease prevention, mind, brain, and mental health, anti-aging & hormone boost, beauty and skin enhances, and more…
  • Juicing Formulas & Nutritional Boosters: To help you create spectacular juicing combinations that give you amazing results and rock your health world!
  • Qualified Nutrition Support & Advice: Benefit from my years of experience, know-how, time, and expertise to help you achieve amazing and lasting results!
  • Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Charts: Get started making fresh juices right away knowing simple yet delicious recipe ingredients, as well as their nutrition content and info!
  • Comprehensive Lay-Out: For ease of use, with printer-friendly designed pages!

Bonus Gift:

  • Get 64 Delicious Healthy Great-Tasting Recipes: Filled with mouth-watering plant-based ingredients that even the pickiest eater will enjoy, that will save you time, money, and effort in the kitchen.
  • 7-Day Meal Plan: Daily meal and snack suggestions to eliminate guess work and help you transition after your 3-day juicing detox program.
  • Crash Course in How To Fuel Your Digestive System Using Food & Nutrition: Learn the specific nutrients your body needs to lose-fat, increase metabolism, boost immunity, and become much more healthy and energetic.
  • 85 Pages & 14 Chapters of Nutritious and Delicious Plant-Based Goodness: Get 2-3 daily meals, snacks, sides, soups, salads, sauces and dressings, all completely gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. You’ll discover numerous meals and snacks that are easy to make and that taste great.
  • Power Supplements for Ultimate Success: Learn which herbs, spices and healthy, easy-to-find ingredients you can incorporate into your daily fare for maximum nutrition, healing, and body efficiency.
  • Kitchen Equipment: Learn which plant-powered kitchen equipment and essential tools can save you time, make life easier, and in most cases, more enjoyable to help you enjoy more plant-based meals.

Discover the life-changing power behind detoxing and cleansing in my easy, effective, and stress-free 3-Day Juicing Detox and Cleansing program with post cleansing plant-based eating plan and meal suggestions.

If you are ready To Get Rid of the Breeding Ground for Illness and Disease, Dump Toxins that Make Your Cells Fat and Sick, and To Achieve The State of Health You’ve Been Searching for, click the button below.

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What an amazing low price!

My private one-on-one clients pay several hundred dollars for a session to get my best strategies, advice, tips, and techniques for reversing or eliminating chronic and acute conditions, including losing weight. But you won’t pay anywhere near that because I’m giving you my most powerful juicing detox, cleansing, and digestive system healing tools in this easy-to-follow program for fractionally less than my hourly rate.

I don’t want price to stand in your way of opening the door to the possibility of a sustained healthier, happier, and lighter lifestyle, so I’ve slashed your investment in Chef Doc Dee’s 3-Day Juicing Detox and Cleanse Program, and my 7-Day Plant-Based Eating Diet Plan all the way down to the low, low price of just $4.99!

My 7-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Yes, I’m completely confident in my 3-Day Juicing Detox and Cleansing Program and 7-Day Plant Based Eating Program and want to give you the opportunity to try it and see for yourself.

With my 7-day money back guarantee you can put this program to work for you now and if it isn’t everything I promised, just let me know, and I will refund every penny of your investment.

Go ahead and read through the program, commit to making the changes, and really put it to the test. I promise that you’ll be delighted by the results you can actually see.

I’ve seen the gamut of health ailments and conditions in my health practice, and my 3-Day Juicing and Detox Program has been proven to work for anyone, no matter what age or what you love to eat.

Now, I’m not going to insult your intelligence or risk my reputation by making some outlandish claims that in only 3 days you’re going to be 20 pounds lighter or be rid of chronic ailments that you’ve been dealing with for years…

But what I am going to promise you is this:

If you dedicate yourself for 3 solid days of juice cleansing and detoxing and follow-up with the post-juice detoxing, plant-based eating plan as outlined in the Program, you will feel healthier, look more attractive, be several pounds lighter, and have more energy than you’ve had in a long time.

Ready to do something amazing for your health?

So here’s what you need to do…Just click on the “Let’s get started” button below and download the entire 3-Day Juicing Detox and Cleanse Program and my 7-Day Plant-Based Eating Plan. In less than 5 minutes you can download the entire program, available on your computer, phone, or tablet.

And again, if my 3-Day Juicing, Detox and Cleansing Program isn’t everything I promised, simply let me know and I will issue you with a prompt and courteous refund.

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P.S. — I’ve been juicing since age 24 and would love to show you some before and after pictures. But for the brief periods of time I drifted away from juicing…for some strange reason, none of those pictures have survived 😉 But here’s me on the right, at age 57.

P.P.S. — Remember you can take action today with zero risk. You’ve got an entire 7 days to try out the program and if this program isn’t everything I promised, simply let me know and I will refund every single penny of your investment. It’s that simple.

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I truly look forward to hearing about your juicing detox and cleansing success using my 3-Day Juice Detox and Cleansing program. Join the ranks and add your own raving reviews!

Please send your comments, testimonials, success stories and questions about 3-day juice detoxing by visiting my Contact Page.

Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a “typical” result is.  The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.  The biggest factor is your ability to follow through.  There is no such thing as a Magic Bullet. Your effort will determine your results.